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>> Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We at Regarding Nannies are very honored to be nominated for the 2011 Parents Best All Around Mom Blog.

The most exciting thing about this nomination is that it shares with everyone that there are positive things happening in the nanny industry, just not the "negative" media that is shown on the news.  I have been one of the development team members of Regarding Nannies since we launched in July 2010.  We have worked hard to bring people in the industry fresh content five days a week. We have daily categories: Monday Moxie, Tuesday Tips, Creative Nanny Wednesday, Table Talk Thursday and Financial Friday.

Voting is pretty simple.  Click on the badge above.  You can "register" via email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You do NOT have to have children to vote.  Just choose other on the sign in form.  You can choose not to receive any emails etc.  I did that and have not received anything.

We would love it if you shared it with others too.  Thank you so much for voting and sharing our blog with others!


Where have I have gone? Lots of links too!

>> Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry to have just disappeared on you!  I have been pretty busy over at Regarding Nannies as one of the 4 Development Team Members.  I am doing the Financial Fridays over there. So you can always find fun stuff over there.  I have also added a Fan page on Facebook as well.  I try to post some great deals as well over there.

Here is the link to join me over at Facebook at The Financial Nanny

To read some of the past Financial Friday articles over at Regarding Nannies see below:

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I hope to begin blogging again here real soon! I am going to a great event called Buzz Your Biz tomorrow to learn how to get the "buzz" for your biz!  


Help Ryan Get An iPad!

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

  • introduction by Alice Shaffer
    I have been involved in the nanny profession for over 16 years. There have been some wonderful nannies who have done awesome things for others.  Today I want to share with you a story of how the nanny community and those outside the nanny community are coming together to help a child affected with Burkitt's Lymphoma for almost a year now.  I hope that you are able to help in some way, if not just reading this and giving positive thoughts for Ryan's recovery is great!

    Let's Get Ryan an iPad!
    by Charlotte Hilliker 
    As nannies it is only natural that we become attached to "our" kids. We are with them for many hours a week, feed them, care for them, and share in their ups and downs. We can't help but fall in love with them. Tara Lindsay is a nanny who loves the kids that she cares for. If you are friends with her on Facebook, you have no doubt had a chuckle or two at the stories she tells of her current charges. Her love for them is obvious. Her love for a previous charge - Ryan - is obvious, too.

    Ryan's story can be found at, but the short version is this: Ryan is now a very sick little boy. He has been battling Burkitt's Lymphoma for almost a year now. Tara has often taken to Facebook to ask for prayers for Ryan. She has shared updates of his condition, and even helped organize a fundraiser to raise money for his medical expenses.

    In March, Ryan's family received news that he was in the clear, medically. In May, he was back in the hospital fighting for his life. This poor little 7 year old boy has spent the last year in and out of hospitals.

    We (the nanny community) are trying to raise money to buy Ryan an iPad. He needs things that improve his hand strength and dexterity, not to mention things to distract him and keep him busy as he is stuck in bed quite often. The goal is $850, which would buy him the largest WiFi iPad available, a case, and a $50 iTunes gift card to get him started.
    If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please email me at phillychar (at) gmail (dot) com for information. We are trying to get this surprise to him as soon as possible, so please hurry! Don't worry if you don't have much to give. This is a case where literally every bit helps. If every nanny reading this gives just $5, we will surpass our goal in no time.

    Thank you in advance for your kindness, Charlotte Hilliker


Budget and Money Talk

>> Thursday, March 31, 2011

We are entering the second quarter of 2011 today. Have you been on top of your budget?  Have you reached any of your financial goals for 2011? I can honestly say that my budget has slipped just like the spring weather has disappeared for the past week! It is rainy, sleety and snowy here in the Washington DC area.  I know that my calendar said it was spring on March 20, 2011, but the weather does not. 

courtesy of

Back to budget and money talk. How are you on staying on budget? If the answer is yes-Congratulations!  If the answer is no-don't worry there is time!   The best part is that you can start your budget any day of the year. There is no rhyme or reason. 

This past weekend I attended the Get Radical Conference in Washington DC that featured the wonderful Deborah Owens, Rhonda Britten, Ali Brown, Jillian Michaels, Niecy Nash as well as Doreen Rainey.  The day was filled with so many a-ha moments, resonating thoughts, and words of wisdom.  Deborah Owens, is a wealth coach and has "A Purse of Your Own" financial program. She is empowering women to be financial empowered on their journey to being financially wealthy.  I am very excited to begin this program.  

courtesy of 
While I am in the beginning stages of reading Deborah's books and getting set up, I wanted to share with you all a blog that I have found useful.  Frugal Fabulous Finds is a blog that shares Couponing 101, and Budgeting 101. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well.  She has some great deals for couponing.   What I found today was her tips on budgeting and using the envelope system.  Pretty much everyone knows that Dave Ramsey is known for his envelope system, and I even shared some about it before.  Well Wendy shares her envelope system and how she used her rewards from Staples to help get her started. I am setting up my own envelope system this weekend based on her budgeting posts.  

I am attaching three links to Wendy's posts on budgets-how to create one, her financial goals for 2011, and the envelope system update.   (click on the line to be taken to the post)



The internet is a wonderful place where tons of "free" resources are available.  We all have our style of learning and doing.  By utilizing the internet to read and research things we are able to formulate the best "program" that will help us achieve our goals -financially, personally and professionally.  

I don't think I have found the "perfect for me"  budgeting system but I can't wait to explore Deborah Owen's "Purse of Her Own" and start making financial goals for the 2nd quarter of 2011 based on the suggestions from Wendy



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