Financial Friday: Topics In A Car Agreement

>> Friday, August 20, 2010

Financial Friday: Topics in a Car Agreement

Vehicles are expensive. Beyond the cost of the car, there are regular maintenance costs and let’s not forget gasoline. Today over on the CincyNanny blog, Greta discusses some “Topics in a Car Agreement” giving some of the basics things to discuss with an employer. Enjoy!

High5 Friday: Topics in a Car Agreement

Transportation is a key part of a nanny’s care for children. There are several options that a nanny and family may decide on as to how transportation is handled and is likely discussed during the interview/contract process. Some families may provide a car for the nanny to drive during work hours. Others may require a nanny to have their own reliable transportation that is suitable for the children.
Nannies should strive to provide a safe environment for children and take the necessary precautions for the possibility of an emergency.
When I first started my current job, it was decided that the family would provide a car for me to drive the triplets as they got older. The were 9 months when I started and it wasn’t practical and manageable for me to be taking big field trips, alone, as the winter was approaching….



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