Financial Friday: More On Eating Healthy Organics & Affording Them

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

Financial Friday: More On Eating Healthy Organics & Affording Them
by Alice Shaffer

Regarding Nannies covered National Food Allergy week back in the beginning of May.  I am embarking on a more natural and less processed eating lifestyle.  There are so many "organics/gluten free" items on the market, but what really is true "organic/gluten free" items. While researching this I found an awesome blog post addressing buying organic foods and eating healthier for less.  We all know that eating healthy can cost more than eating processed foods and fast food.  It comes from the blog, The Digerati Life.   The Digerati Life is a great blog about various finance issues. Make sure to go check it for the other helpful posts on the site.  

How to Buy Organic Food and Eat Well for Less Money

by Guest Blogger on June 18, 2010 | edited by SVB
Great tips on buying organic food at a lower cost.
The organic food market has become huge in the past five years. However, some consumers are still very skeptical about the whole “organic” craze because at times it seems like many foods are getting slapped with the organic label only to be charged at a higher price.

“Organic food” can mean a variety of different things depending on what the item is. For instance, it can mean that there are no preservatives or artificial junk in packaged food. It can also mean that dairy products are processed differently. For vegetables and fruits, it can mean that no pesticides or genetic altering is used.
buy organic food
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Regarding Nannies Financial Friday:


Financial Friday: Independent Contractor Law

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

Independent Contractor Law
Compliments of Breedlove & Associates, written specially for Regarding Nannies

This time of year, we frequently receive questions from both families and nannies about payroll and tax reporting requirements for a summer position.  Many families assume that because the position is temporary, they can classify the nanny as an independent contractor and issue her a Form 1099.  This assumption is incorrect and can land the family in a lot of trouble.  Here’s why:

  • The IRS has ruled that a household worker is an employee of the family for whom he/she works;
  • It is not based on hours or wages or what’s more convenient for the family;
  • It is based on an IRS 20-point test which deems workers to be employees unless they operate like a business.
Federal and state tax agencies are initiating huge efforts to crack down on employers who misclassify their workers as independent contractors.  If caught, a family may face severe penalties and interest on the back taxes owed, as well as felony tax evasion.

In addition to exposing themselves to financial and legal risk, families who misclassify their nannies as independent contractors are also depriving their nannies of essential benefits.  Here are a few:

  • Employer contributions to Social Security and Medicare;
  • Eligibility for unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation benefits;
  • Payroll documentation for establishing employment history.
Nannies deserve (and should want!) to be paid professionally because it’s an investment in their financial future.  For more information on independent contractor law, or the payroll and tax obligations of household employers, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-273-3356.  We’re here to help.


Financial Friday: Smartphones & Iphones

>> Friday, June 11, 2010

Financial Friday: Smartphones & Iphones

I confess I am a true Verizon Wireless customer. I have had my service since 1999 or earlier with them.  I love their LG phones.  I have the eNv3 now and love it. I have not gone to the touchscreen lifestyle yet.  As many of you know AT&T announced they are getting rid of their unlimited data plans to new customers and adapting the plans for existing customers.  I guess this is one of the reasons I love my phone and Verizon, I just have the premium package which I pay $20 more a month for the navigator, unlimited text and email.  I get the chance to check email if need be and I love the navigator on the phone. I loved this blog post on To Smartphone or not. I agree with the poster that getting a smartphone can be expensive.

I know lots of people who are in love with Iphone and will be rushing out to get the new 4g Iphone on June 24.  I wanted to share with you a deal I found while reading my various blogs. Radio Shack is offering a trade in value for your 3g Iphone when you purchase the 4g Iphone from them. They have never sold the Iphone before but will start with the 4g one. You will probably want to check it out because it might be worth $100 to $200. 

What kind of cellphone/smartphone/iphone do you have and why?


Financial Friday: Mypoints & BZZAgent

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Financial Friday: Mypoints & BZZAgent


These days, everyone shops online. If you're going to be buying online, you may as well earn some rewards at the same time.

There are several ways to earn points on mypoints. The quickest is by shopping through their site. Whenever I am going to make online purchases, rather than going directly to the website, I always check mypoints first. In entering the website through mypoints, I can accumulate points for every dollar I spend.

Even if you're not much of an online shopper, mypoints is still worth checking out. Every day they send 2-3 emails with special offers, and you get 5 points just for clicking on the link. Those little 5 points can quickly add up. Mypoints also offers games that you can win points through. If you're a member of bzzagent, they pay their rewards in mypoints. So that helps them add up quickly!

Depending on your shopping habits, it can take a little while to build up enough points, but its well worth it. Just this month I turned in enough points for $50 at $50 isn't bad for zero effort! 

Raise of hands, who likes free things? Silly question, we all like free things. From the samples at Costco, to the toothbrush at the dentist. When you're a member of bzzagent, you get freebies in two different ways.

Bzzagent is all about word of mouth advertising. After creating a  profile and answering some survey questions, they are able to match you up with products that you might enjoy. In order for you to spread the good word about the products, they will mail you a Buzz Kit. Typically a Buzz Kit will contain information about the product, either the product itself or a voucher to get the product at the store, and samples or coupons to share with your friends.

Once you have been accepted into a campaign, and gotten your Buzz Kit in the mail, you then report your experiences on bzzagent. Over the course of the campaign, you can report back as often as you like.  Every time you discuss the product with someone, wants their feedback and reaction. In exchange for your word of mouth advertising, you receive points over on mypoints which you can redeem for gift cards! Its a win-win situation.

Over the past few years, I've gotten many free products through bzzagent. Perfume, turkeys, Aveeno lotion, a Sonicare toothbrush. Just this week I joined campaigns for make-up and dog food.

About the author:
Carli Lintemuth is located in the Metro-Detroit area and has been a professional nanny for 13 years . She co-moderates World Wide Nannies, an online support group exclusively for nannies.



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