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>> Friday, March 4, 2011

I posted over on Regarding Nannies today for the Financial Friday post, here is a little snippet of it...

There it was staring me in the face “Wasted Time & Wasted Money Or Is It? I really enjoyed doing that post.  Remembering that “financial, wealth, and money” doesn’t necessarily mean “money” but can be something “non materialistic” or “emotionally” fulfilling.   What is even better was that I was questioning my time earlier tonight as I was “tweeting” in a chat with some bloggers.  I was “procrastinating” writing the article for today’s post, but what I ended up finding was an incredible blogging connection with a blogger that will be able to help guide me in a direction that I was searching for some answers to.  Technically I was “wasting time” by not doing my blog post, but I didn’t “waste time” finding connections for things I needed assistance in.
To read the rest of the article visit:  Time, Money, Scholarships and Choices



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