Financial Friday: Staples Rewards

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

Continued from Regardingnannies Financial Friday

I was on vacation this past week in North Carolina, and went to Staples to pick up some stuff. The twenty minutes I was in the store was a financially rewarding one. They have an awesome deal on paper for printers till Saturday. $4.99 but after the rebate it is $1! You use their easy rebate system online. It is at stapleseasyrebates. They make it hard to give people an excuse as to why they couldn’t apply for their rebate. It is all online.

I was waiting in line and a lady had her check from her Staples Rewards she was speaking to the manager. She told him that it had expired the day before and wanted to know if she could use it still. He said yes they will be accepting expired Staples Rewards checks from now on. It is a new corporate policy. I spoke with him about that when he was ringing me up. He said that if a manager doesn’t accept your “expired” to call the Corporate Offices and the manager will get in trouble. Awesome-no more rushing to use it to just use it.

Also from the website on the Staples Rewards. You can get $3 per ink cartridge you recycle each month, up to 10 a month. I know I have several ink cartridges running around in drawers at work and in my stuff. I plan on getting them together this weekend. If you don’t have a rewards card from Staples, pick one up the next time you are in there. They are free and worth money



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