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>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

Woot has entered the kids market with the introduction of Kids WOOT this week. This site is going to be selling everything that is known to dealing with kids- carseats, toys, clothes and games etc. The term "kid" is loosely defined as anyone from 0-100. They will have all kids of "kid" products for young and old.

So what is the Kids Woot store? Taken from their website page on What is Woot:
How does this store work?
Like the other Woot sites: we offer a new deal every night at midnight Central time, in limited quantities at a discounted price. Only one product is available at any given time. If you want one, you click that big orange button that says I WANT ONE. When it sells out, or the next midnight rolls around, that deal is gone. No backorders, no rainchecks, no do-overs. And no, we don’t tell you what the next product is. What fun would that be?

They will post an item at midnight daily for people to purchase. When their set amount of that item has been purchased. The sale is over. You will have to wait for midnight for the next item to be posted.

I know alot of people who are addicted to WOOT. They have got amazing deals on products for like 15 dollars from 70 dollars. It all depends on the item at the time. Make sure to add Kids Woot to your list of websites you visit daily. You could pick up some awesome holiday and birthday gifts.

If you want to read more about the items they have had this week hop on over to their blog.

Let me know what you pick up!



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