Financial Friday: Getting $125 for $100 Investment

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

As I was reading my financial blogs this week, I noticed several of them were discussing Chase Bank has a new offer of $125 for opening a new checking account.  You need to open the checking account with $100 , set up a direct deposit and keep it open for 6 months, of they will deduct the $125 when you close the account.   This got me thinking to the upcoming INA Conference.  Hotel rooms are $119 a night plus tax.  Here is a chance for me to get a room for basically free for saving $100 in a new checking account.  Perfect I said, I have that in my savings account over at ING.   So as soon as I get my coupon code from one of the blogs, Hustler Money Blog and Maximizing Money I will be opening my new Chase checking account  and be $125 closer to my financial goal for the INA conference.

So don't delay in asking for your code, as they don't last sometimes.  It is worth the time to open the account for $125.  

Ways to use this Checking Account and $125
  • INA Conference 2010 savings account.  Make a direct deposit every other week for $30 or whatever amount to be transferred to Chase. Withdrawl the money before leaving for San Francisco in May.  Make sure to leave money in there so you don't lose your $125
  • Start your summer vacation fund $125 heavier.  Set up a direct deposit for each paycheck you get so that some money goes in there for your summer vacation.
  • Make this be your Holiday Spending funds.  Decide how much you want to save and set up a direct deposit of portion of that so you have it for Black Friday Shopping Deals.
  • If you can't make it to INA 2010, then start a 2011 INA Conference fund. The conference fees, hotel fees are roughly the same. Airfare is the iffy one.  But saving now has you prepared for a year from now for where ever it will be.
  • Save for the 4th Annual National Nanny Retreat™ hosted by Perfect Match Nannies September 24th-26th, 2010
  • Save for the Nannies Across America Nannypalooza 2010, if one isn't in your city.
  • Use this as your IRA contribution account to earn a little extra interest etc. 

How are you going to use your $125 from Chase?  Let us know!


Max April 30, 2011 at 11:17 AM  

Thank you so much for reading and mentioning my site.

You can also get a $150 bonus right now, so you may wish to consider that as well.

Good luck to you and good luck with your bonus cash.



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