Financial Friday: The Story of Pigtopia & the Piggy Bank

>> Friday, May 21, 2010

Financial Friday: The Story of Pigtopia & The Piggy Bank 
by Alice Shaffer

I love reading other people's finance blogs. I have learned so many things from everyone's experience.  Recently I saw a quote that said "Experience is what you get when don't get what you want".  Oh how true is that.  I stumbled across the  Wellheeled blog again this week and just laughed hysterically about the story of Pigtopia! I wanted to share the story with you. What I love so much about this blog post is the creative writing and all the wonderful links to other financial blogs.  As professional nannies we are often immersed in being creative with paint, markers, recycled art projects and the like, but I am sure we never realized how creative finance and money could be.  Thanks to Petunia Piggy and her piglets we can now have a finance "fairy tale" for us the professional nannies and adults in the world.

Today, humans know of the piggy bank as a simple coin container. But  did you know the true origin of the piggy bank is all about financial  literacy [Suburban Dollar]? It all began in a magical land called  Pigtopia, where pigs are just as (or, they would argue, even more  intelligent than) humans, and walked upright and dressed in stylish  garbs such as tophats and waistcoats. Pigtopia had   interest rates [Canadian Finance Blog] and natural  disasters [A Modern Gal], just like the human realm.  But it’s the  place where Piggy Bank was born to become the most famous banking  dynasty in Pigtopia.
It all began when a lady pig named Petunia Piggy married  [The Financial Uproar] Pigster Piggtington, and gave birth to five  little piglets. One day, Petunia took her piglets to a famous  fortune-teller, who told their fortunes in a rhyme:

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