Financial Friday: What Exactly Is Jasmere?

>> Friday, May 7, 2010

Financial Friday: What Exactly is Jasmere?

Late last year I received an email from someone letting me know about a new website that was opening up in January 2010 called Jasmere.  It is a website that would offer great discounts on little known products and companies to people who wanted to explore new products. The best part was that the more people who purchased the "deal" the cost of it would decrease.   I was intrigued by this thought. I have always loved shopping for unique things from all avenues of the shopping world.  I liked the concept of Groupon and Restaurant, so I knew I would fall in love with Jasmere when it launched. I have to say I have not been disappointed at all in them.

I started getting the daily email of the "deal" of the day. I have made three purchases since January. 

  •   Twenty Pounds of Fresh, Delicious Florida Citrus: Honeybells, Grapefruit, Navel Oranges or Mixed    This was $42 originally.  The final price was $17 plus $11.95 shipping for a total of $29.97.  I had ordered the mix of Honeybells and Navel Oranges.  I was anxiously awaiting for my order to be shipped when that horrible freeze hit Florida citrus growers.  I finally received my yummy Honeybells & Navel Oranged in February.  The Navel Oranges were the size of softballs. The honeybells were so heavy with juice.   Despite having to wait a bit longer because Mother Nature "froze" some of Florida it was totally worth the wait.  I would not have discovered The Orange Shoppe without this deal 
  • NY's Legendary Fat Witch Brownie, as seen on Today Show, Food Network, CBS, many more.  The price for 8 three bite dense brownies is $17. I ended up with these heavenly "Fat Witch Brownies" for $4.00 plus $4.95 shipping! These were so incredibly awesome!  If you are ever in NYC they have a store in Chelsea Market. 
  • Lunchskins: 3 Sandwich Skins & 2 Snack Skins. The value is $43. The final price I paid was  $15 plus $7.95 shipping. I snagged two of these deals along with their bonus of the day which was a $40 voucher for $16.  My total was $51.71.
Have I peaked your interest in the items up for grabs on Jasmere?  If so make sure you sign up for an account. 
If you sign up and then refer others through your referral link, such as the one I just gave you, you will receive $10 in Jasmere money.  I have used a coupon code for $5 off and it was very simple.  They are also great at answering emails if you need more advice or anything else. 

Make sure you "LIKE" Jasmere on Facebook as they have a winner of the day for the item that day.  They post the winner's name on facebook and I believe you have 24 hours to respond.  Which I think is pretty darn cool!  

Some helpful links to make your experience fun!

  • To read their blog  (They do a more indepth review of the daily products and you can go back through and read about the previous ones too.)
  • To know what is coming up next on Jasmere go to the bottom of the website and click on SOON
Let us know what you end up purchasing! Think birthday gifts, baby gifts, graduation and holiday gifts when you see the deal of the day!


Clelie May 7, 2010 at 9:33 AM  

Pretty cool. I signed up.


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