Financial Friday: Mypoints & BZZAgent

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Financial Friday: Mypoints & BZZAgent


These days, everyone shops online. If you're going to be buying online, you may as well earn some rewards at the same time.

There are several ways to earn points on mypoints. The quickest is by shopping through their site. Whenever I am going to make online purchases, rather than going directly to the website, I always check mypoints first. In entering the website through mypoints, I can accumulate points for every dollar I spend.

Even if you're not much of an online shopper, mypoints is still worth checking out. Every day they send 2-3 emails with special offers, and you get 5 points just for clicking on the link. Those little 5 points can quickly add up. Mypoints also offers games that you can win points through. If you're a member of bzzagent, they pay their rewards in mypoints. So that helps them add up quickly!

Depending on your shopping habits, it can take a little while to build up enough points, but its well worth it. Just this month I turned in enough points for $50 at $50 isn't bad for zero effort! 

Raise of hands, who likes free things? Silly question, we all like free things. From the samples at Costco, to the toothbrush at the dentist. When you're a member of bzzagent, you get freebies in two different ways.

Bzzagent is all about word of mouth advertising. After creating a  profile and answering some survey questions, they are able to match you up with products that you might enjoy. In order for you to spread the good word about the products, they will mail you a Buzz Kit. Typically a Buzz Kit will contain information about the product, either the product itself or a voucher to get the product at the store, and samples or coupons to share with your friends.

Once you have been accepted into a campaign, and gotten your Buzz Kit in the mail, you then report your experiences on bzzagent. Over the course of the campaign, you can report back as often as you like.  Every time you discuss the product with someone, wants their feedback and reaction. In exchange for your word of mouth advertising, you receive points over on mypoints which you can redeem for gift cards! Its a win-win situation.

Over the past few years, I've gotten many free products through bzzagent. Perfume, turkeys, Aveeno lotion, a Sonicare toothbrush. Just this week I joined campaigns for make-up and dog food.

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Carli Lintemuth is located in the Metro-Detroit area and has been a professional nanny for 13 years . She co-moderates World Wide Nannies, an online support group exclusively for nannies.


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