Financial Friday: Smartphones & Iphones

>> Friday, June 11, 2010

Financial Friday: Smartphones & Iphones

I confess I am a true Verizon Wireless customer. I have had my service since 1999 or earlier with them.  I love their LG phones.  I have the eNv3 now and love it. I have not gone to the touchscreen lifestyle yet.  As many of you know AT&T announced they are getting rid of their unlimited data plans to new customers and adapting the plans for existing customers.  I guess this is one of the reasons I love my phone and Verizon, I just have the premium package which I pay $20 more a month for the navigator, unlimited text and email.  I get the chance to check email if need be and I love the navigator on the phone. I loved this blog post on To Smartphone or not. I agree with the poster that getting a smartphone can be expensive.

I know lots of people who are in love with Iphone and will be rushing out to get the new 4g Iphone on June 24.  I wanted to share with you a deal I found while reading my various blogs. Radio Shack is offering a trade in value for your 3g Iphone when you purchase the 4g Iphone from them. They have never sold the Iphone before but will start with the 4g one. You will probably want to check it out because it might be worth $100 to $200. 

What kind of cellphone/smartphone/iphone do you have and why?



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