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>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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I ran across this wonderful blog post from 24/Savvy about 100 ways to save money.  Really? I had thought.  But I began reading and was completely falling in love with some of the ways they suggest.  They have put the list together in the following categories: Fashion, Beauty & Health, Travel, Dining Out & Entertainment,  Food, Home, Money & Banking, and Family & Charity.  Being a nanny I do try saving a lot of the times with my work purchases as well as my personal purchases.  This list really is helping in more saving for work and home.

I hope that some of the ways help you be savvy in your money saving.   These are 5 of my favorites from the list.  Don't forget to share on their post what your "ways to save" are.

  1. 73.    If you're drying a small laundry load, cut your dryer sheets in half for extra savings.
  2. 70.    If you typically only use half of a sticky note, cut the pad in two and you’ll get more bang for your Post-It buck.
  3. 63.    Set up a Skype account for all overseas calls and consider using it instead of keeping a landline.
  4. 49.    Join free loyalty programs at all the stores near you and keep an eye out for the best deals in the weekly advertising circulars.
  5. 41.    Skip the movies and get DVDs from the library or $1 kiosks like Redbox or Blockbuster.  Use Netflix only if you’re using up your paid quota.

100 Savvy Ways to Save Money

So you may be wondering who 24/Savvy is:
24/SAVVY is about living the smartest, most creative life possible with whatever we’ve got on hand.  It’s about doing fabulously more with what we have—even when it’s a little bit less than what we want. 24/Savvy is a new mindset; it's trading off, not down, it's turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, it's the art of living the good life for less, no matter what we’ve got in our bank account.



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