Receipts...and how not to store them :)

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Today, Kidlet #3 wanted his scissors back. He asked to go in my purse to get them, I said fine. He starts pulling things out and can't find them. In order to find his scissors, he dumps my purse upside! I was just laughing. He then goes on to lecture me on the contents of my purse.

I have tons of receipts loose in my purse, werther's candies, a notepad,my camera, a calendar, pens, and candy wrappers..junk basically. He then starts telling me that I don't need the candy, the notepad: because I have the calendar, and that I need to keep my receipts in a box or something.

That leads me to my question to you my readers: "How do you organize your work receipts?"

Please leave a comment so that we can discuss. Oh and my receipts are now in a gallon size ziploc bag till I go through them and get reimbursed :)


Anonymous June 9, 2009 at 7:35 AM  

I just left a comment at length, and then it disappeared when my login request was processed! How frustrating!

Basically, I keep bigger work receipts in another section of my wallet: the one where my credit card, library card, etc. go. I have a non-folding, dollar bill-length wallet. I keep my own receipts with my paper money. And I submit for reimbursement monthly, although I used to spend enough to submit weekly.

I'm also given money for Petty Cash, which goes in a ziploc bag with the current kid photo and permission-to-treat forms. I keep petty cash receipts in the same bag for a month, and pitch them when I submit the other receipts for reimbursement. (My employers don't want to bother tracking petty cash, but I want to be prepared if they question how quickly it's disappearing.)

~Nana, the eclectic nanny~ September 18, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

when i had kids that went places (currently i have 3 mo. old triplets, lol we dont exactly run the roads at this time) i used to keep a seperate wallet in our bag. it was one of the thin trendy kind, a rectangle and about a half-inch think. in it i kept our cash for the week/day, receipts until i submitted, membership cards for museums etc, and cupons we might use, like free kids meal or something like that. it worked really well, and i was never searching for anything for them when i had less than one hand to look for something!


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